Student benefits of joining AAF–Cedar Valley

Student memberships to AAF – Cedar Valley have plenty to offer:

Professional Development. You can learn a lot in a classroom. But you can set yourself apart from your classmates by networking with and listening to people already in the industry.

Networking. When the pros already in the trenches see you taking the initiative to advance your knowledge and skills, they’ll take notice and you may just land that internship or job you’d been looking for.

Discounts. We know you’re on a budget. If you join, you can participate in all AAF – Cedar Valley events at a reduced rate.

Meet the Pros. Attend Meet the Pros, an annual event we host to connect you to professionals (see, we make the networking thing as painless as possible).

ADDY® Awards. Students can participate in the ADDY® Award competition, too. And who wouldn’t want to be able to put on their resume that they won an award in the world’s largest advertising competition. That’s what we thought.

Membership Dues

AAF – Cedar Valley Dues are $30 for students

Become a member today!!!

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