AAF–Cedar Valley History

In the summer of 1980 a group of industry professionals gathered at Nino’s Restaurant in Waterloo. When the food had settled, these business leaders reorganized the old “UNI Sales and Marketing Executives Club” to become the Marketing, Advertising & Communication Professionals of Northeast Iowa (MAC). The organization was formed to allow those in the marketing, advertising, communications, public relations and sales fields to continue their professional growth, build strong relationships, make members aware of current legislation, provide service within our community and promote the importance of our professions.

As the organization expanded over the years, the decision was made to align MAC with the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The club became a local affiliate of AAF, a national organization of over 50,000 advertising professionals that was founded in 1967 to promote, protect and defend advertising interests. The AAF is the only national advertising association that brings together all segments of the industry. The club name changed to American Advertising Federation – Cedar Valley (AAF – Cedar Valley) to reflect the affiliation to the national organization.

Membership in AAF – Cedar Valley is open to business people involved in the planning, implementation, management and administration of advertising, marketing, sales, public relations and communications. Educators and students in the same fields are also highly encouraged to attend.

Past AAF-Cedar Valley/MAC Presidents
1980-81 Don Irwin
1981-82 Bob McCusker
1982-83 Jim Champion / Term Completed by Dee Vandeventer
1983-84 Duane Wood
1984-85 Mike Schreurs
1985-86 Rich Penn
1986-87 Joe Fox
1987-88 Diane Winkey
1988-89 Jan Payne Kilgard
1989-90 Bob Justis
1990-91 John Heidersbach
1991-92 Ann Scholl
1992-93 Steve Corbin
1993-94 Kathy Calhoun
1994-95 Tracey Cahill
1995-96 Lori McConville
1996-97 DeWayne Purdy
1997-98 Jim Miller
1998-99 Jim Coloff
1999-00 Mary Williams
2000-01 Blake Borwick
2001-02 Penny Sund
2002-03 Sara Borland
2003-04 Katie Slade
2004-05 Katie Slade
2005-06 Sarah Christopherson
2006-07 Sarah Christopherson
2007-08 Sarah Christopherson
2008-09 Laura Hand
2009-10 Laura Hand
2010-11 Laura Hand
2011-12 Laura Hand
2012-13 Steve Schneider
2013-14 Steve Schneider
2014-15 Jordan Rasmussen
2015-Present Jen Miller

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