Why Join AAF–Cedar Valley?

To cut it in today's competitive world, you need to continually hone your skills and feed your creative spirit. AAF – Cedar Valley is here to help you do that. We bring in top speakers from across the country to provide you with insight on the latest trends (so that's why I should be on Twitter!), technological advances (did you hear what that Adobe guy said?) and creative concepts (I'd never thought about it like that before). By joining, you get a leg up on the competition. And we've all got competition—from other agencies to our own co-workers.

If we take time to develop our knowledge and skills, we'll strengthen the advertising industry here in the Cedar Valley. And who doesn't want advertising in the Cedar Valley to be the most creative, cutting-edge, kick-ass work out there? That's what we thought. Now do something about it. Join today.

Becoming a member of AAF – Cedar Valley is quick and easy. We won’t fingerprint you or run any background checks—that is unless we get suspicious. Check out the benefits page to see what your AAF – Cedar Valley membership gets you. And your membership in AAF – Cedar Valley also includes benefits of the American Advertising Federation. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.


Membership Dues

AAF – Cedar Valley Dues (they’re nothing compared to your gym membership)

  • Individual = $85
  • Company = $280 - NEW!
    (Company memberships allow anyone from the organization to attend our events at the member price. It’s designed to give you more flexibility.)
  • Past President = $30
  • Student = $30

Become a member today!!!


Benefits of joining AAF–Cedar Valley

Membership in AAF – Cedar Valley has countless benefits. Here's a short list of the top benefits:

We are pleased to announce a new AAF member benefit! The American Advertising Federation has entered into an agreement with Translate Media as the exclusive translation supplier for the AAF. All AAF members will receive a 9% discount off all services using the code "AAF". We would like to invite you to take advantage of this new and exciting benefit that leverages the strength of the AAF member base to help our members.

Professional Development. You want to learn things to make you better at your job. We bring in experts to teach you. You get smarter and more creative. Better clients and salaries follow.

Network at club events. Our industry is the fun one. We have most of the cool people. Meet them. Figure out what makes them tick and learn something from them. It may be how they came up with their latest campaign or why they insist on taking their cat for walks in a stroller. You never know what will spark your next idea or where you'll meet your next client, boss or employee.

Receive discounted rates at club events. So AAF – Cedar Valley hosts fabulous events, which as a member you'll get to attend for a reduced price. That money saved can be spent however you want. We don't judge members who use their savings to buy extra drinks during the socials.

Recognition at the ADDY® Awards. Every year AAF – Cedar Valley hosts the local ADDY® Award competition. It's the largest advertising competition in the world. Winners here can compete at the District ADDY® Awards and those winners go on to the National level. That great campaign you just finished could garner you some serious hardware come award time. And ADDY® entry fees for members are a bargain.

Access to AAF discounts on goods and services. In addition to those reduced rate at local club events your membership allows you additional discounts on things like industry publications, car rental and shipping services. AAF has a complete list. You should check it out. With all these savings, you'll finally be able to afford the latest iPhone you'd been coveting.

Receive corporate and governmental updates via e-mail. Maybe you get a continual C-SPAN feed at your desk, but for the rest of us, keeping abreast of the issues those big-wigs in Washington are discussing that directly impact our industry can seem daunting. Here's an easy way to do it—let someone else tell you what you need to know.

Access to "movers and shakers" in our industry. That's self-explanatory. And pretty cool.

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